The Multimedia Research Group (MediaLab) focuses on the research and development of algorithms, techniques and tools for digitization, analysis, management and dissemination of cultural assets, ranging from very small objects to urban areas and open spaces. In doing so, MediaLab has been included in numerous R&D activities involved with multimedia databases and applications, multimedia processing, feature extraction, indexing and content-based retrieval, 3D digitization and representation of objects, monuments, architecturals, urban areas, actual and virtual worlds, 3D representation of multi-dimensional data, content-based analysis and organization of multimedia collections. Through these activities, MediaLab has accumulated a significant know-how on subjects including digital recording of cultural heritage in 2D/3D, efficient digital cultural data management and dissemination, metadata schemas and semantic representations of cultural content, GIS applications in cultural heritage, online multimedia databases for culture and education, multispectral digital recording of cultural objects and works of art, multi-criteria analysis and predictive modelling in archaeological research, interactive 3D and VR applications for cultural heritage, multimedia processing, analysis, segmentation, compression and transmission, content-based retrieval, media production and systems for presentation, dissemination and education, and biometric systems.