Multimedia Research Group
MediaLab of Athena Research & Innovation Center

Currently we are working on our new color descriptor for content-based retrieval of 2D static images (CBIR). The descriptor is based entirely on the color information and the positions of color centroids within the image plane. It is scale and rotation invariant and produces retrieval results that are better than the known MPEG-7 image descriptors. […]

Content based retrieval engine in a Virtual Museum of Pottery An interactive virtual museum of 3D pottery artefacts has been used as a case study. The virtual visitor can perform queries to the system like ‘Where in this 3D scene I can find vessels similar to this’. Again an attempt to combine a content-based retrieval […]

3DSSE is an experimental search engine that allows the user to explore 3D scenes using keywords. The engine is based on the annotation of 3D scenes in order to identify and describe specific ontologies within that scene. The metadata that follow each 3D scene contain information about each ontology (e.g. building, statue, artefact) as well […]