Multimedia Research Group
MediaLab of Athena Research & Innovation Center
Third International Conference of Museology

A very successful participation of the Department in the Third International Conference of Museology held at Mytilene, Greece, on 5-9 June, 2006. Two papers and two posters accepted for publication.

  • G. Pavlidis, D. Tsiafakis, F. Arnaoutoglou, K. Balla, A. Pikrakis, C. Chamzas, “Musical Universe”
  • G. Pavlidis, D. Tsiafakis, A. Koutsoudis, F. Arnaoutoglou, V. Tsioukas, C. Chamzas, “Recording Cultural Heritage”
  • G. Pavlidis, D. Tsiafakis, G. Provopoulos, S. Chatzopoulos, F. Arnaoutoglou, C. Chamzas, “MOMI: A dynamic and internet-based 3D virtual museum of musical instruments”
  • G. Pavlidis, N. Tsirliganis, D. Tsiafakis, F. Arnaoutoglou, C. Chamzas, “3D digitization of monuments: the case of Mani”

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