ESTIA: Disaster Management Platform for Cultural Heritage Sites

The ESTIA research project, aims a) to enhance the management and preservation of the cultural heritage, b) to limit the risks of fire incidents within traditional settlements and cultural heritage sites, c) to provide the responsible authorities with training, coordination and support for the effective response to fire incidents, d) to effectively protect and guide inhabitants and visitors, e) to suppress the structural damages in historic buildings, historic settlements and cultural heritage assets, f) to support and promote cultural events and tourism in harmony with the cultural heritage preservation particular requirements.

In order to achieve the project’s identified objectives, the development of the ESTIA solution is proposed. ESTIA is a comprehensive platform allowing forecast, detection and management of incidents that are related with the risk of structural fires within cultural heritage settlements and sites. ESTIA is composed of autonomous connected subsystems and components, enabling a customised deployment of the solution according to each case’s particular requirements. The platform offers numerous implementation configurations and is thus addressed to a wide range of relevant stakeholders.

By incorporating an advanced system that predicts the development of complex phenomena (fire propagation and crowd behaviour), the platform is an effective tool that on one hand assists the responsible authorities in assessing the fire related risks and on the other hand offers training to first responders and field officers. Additionally, the platform offers an effective fire incident management system that includes fire-detection capabilities and a specialised Decision Support System, making it a valuable asset for the responding authorities during the development of a fire-incident.

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