Evrinomi: A technological framework for documentation and promotion of human creativity and culture at the Archaeological Museum of Patras

This project aims to the development of a pioneer demonstration approach by using modern technologies, applied to certain areas and workshops of the Archeological Museum of Patras including the Multimedia dome-room that was specifically built to accommodate modern technology applications. This project will offer information about the architectural antiquity through Virtual Reality applications, show battles and burial customs according to the museums exhibits in real time through Mixed Reality technologies and present live demonstrations to educate on the exhibits preservation through innovative technologies like Augmented Reality that will take place in the 4 modern laboratories of the Museum for metal, stone-marble, mosaic and ceramic preservation. The applications will be multilingual with specialized interfaces for people with special needs in mind targeting domestic and foreign tourism. It’s a fact that this kind of applications already exists and is being used in many institutions throughout the world. This project will thrive by making good use of the latest progress on augmented reality that was recently made by big companies. The combination of augmented reality and the internet of things (e.g. Beacons, velocity sensors, accelerometers etc) is another research challenge for this project. The main target is the proficient use of the cultural material that the Archeological Museum of Patras possesses to develop high quality applications that will contribute to increase the number of guests and offer new ways to develop their cultural intelligence through innovative applications

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