“Digital Innovation for the Society of Knowledge”

The Department contributed to the planning and organization of the Institute’s participation to the Workshop “Digital Innovation for the Society of Knowledge” organized by the ‘ATHENA’ Research Center on March, 19th, 2008, held at the Eugenides Foundation, Athena, Greece.
The Department co-ordinated a roundtable on the “Applications of 3D technologies in culture”, under the thematic unit “Pictures from the digital future: emerging technologies of information” with the kind participation of:

  • Dr. George Pavlidis, ATHENA – Three-dimensional digital recording
  • Prof. Christodoulos Chamzas, ATHENA/DUTH – Enhancement of Cultural Heritage using three-dimensional reconstruction technologies
  • Prof. Andreas Georgopoulos, NTUA – New Technologies at the service of Geometric Documentation of Monuments
  • Prof. Vasilios Tsioukas, DUTH – The Role of Education in the Documentation of Monuments

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