MediaLab at the European Researchers’ Night event

MediaLab participated in the European Researchers’ Night event as part of the Athena Research Centre’s science and technology exhibition at the NCSR Demokritos. Fortunately the weather was great and the event was really crowded till midnight!

MediaLab’s exhibition theme was “Three-dimensional (3D) digital recording and printing: application to Cultural Heritage” and was briefly described as follows:

Digital recording of objects (or digitisation or scanning) in 3 dimensions is now a widespread practice that enables us complete visual recording of the objects of our world. The digital copies that 3D digitisation produces give us the opportunity of examining the objects from any desired angles, surpassing viewing a conventional picture that simply attaches an angle.
Particularly in the cultural heritage domain, 3D digitisation has been applied with great success to accurately record the geometry and colour of objects or monuments with multiple objectives: taking a snapshot of the current situation (visual documentation), promoting the study, restoration, education, dissemination and replication even production of real world copies with 3D printing.
MediaLab shows in this event how is currently feasible to capture in 3D objects of cultural value with photographic techniques, to present them to the Internet or on 3D displays and to reproduce them with 3D printing.

Here is a gallery of photos of MediaLab’s exhibition at the event:

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